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It all started with a branch or, more precisely, an owl on a branch. Or, even more precisely, a grouchy, self-opinionated, woodland commodity-dealing, self-important owl on a branch.

Then it grew into a community of owls on a branch. But then it went on growing: The Ant Patrol, The Killer Tree, The-Duck-on-the-Branch, The Athletic Spider.

And, sooner or later, someone or something had to leave the branch. The Owl’s peripatetic Cousin Jed saw to that – laid-back, laconic and something else beginning with ‘L’. Oh yes, lost. Jed couldn’t find a blade of grass in a prairie. He knows he’s reached his destination when he flies into a tall building. But his lack of navigational skills give the strip a dimension that can take the reader all over the world – although not necessarily back again.

And so Off The Branch was born, a small-town community just north of somewhere a little to the south. To Cousin Jed, of course, south is the direction you go when you follow a truck along the freeway. It never fails.

Sample Strips

A few examples of the strip. For more, please download the press pack above.

(Click each image for a larger version)

Cast of Characters

Just some of the characters found on, and off, the branch.

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Other Cartoons

This section shows some of the other cartoons drawn by Ewan over a long and, at times, interesting (to him) career.

Most, if not all, have been published somewhere and at some time (see filing tray).
Animal Firm
A more recent strip, currently in development, as they say...

(Click each image for a larger version)


Originally conceived as a greeting card series, these more developed cartoons allow a greater level of detail and realism to be included.

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General Cartoons

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