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Welcome to
my website

Ewan McLeish is a freelance cartoonist, writer and illustrator. He has cartooned, written and illustrated widely throughout his career, and counts among his clients illustrious bodies such as the BBC, UK Gov and just about every environmental organisation in the Spotter’s Guide to Environmental Organisations.

Described as ‘the best new cartoonist we’ve seen for some years’ by PA Entertainment in 2006, he’s still pretty good, if not quite so new.

He specialises in wildlife and environmental cartoons, but reckons he can turn his hand to most things providing it makes him, and sometimes even his clients, laugh.
He is a fully paid up member of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation as well as being the author of some 30 books on science and the environment.

Aside from cartooning and writing, Ewan has enjoyed (it says here) a varied career as a youth worker, teacher, university lecturer and head of a UK environmental charity.

He also somehow managed to get a science PhD along the way, a feat he now blames for his penchant for tennis, drawing animals and weaving obscure scientific theories into his material.

Ewan lives in Buckinghamshire in a Victorian house he shares with his partner and two cats, Nancy and Marmaduke (not their real names).

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